• Dr. Gail Weingast, Backus Hospital Radiology Specialist

  • Posted on November 18, 2021
  • For two decades plus by now, Dr. Gail Weingast has placed herself among the most effective radiology specialists at William W. Backus Hospital in Norwich, Connecticut. She currently serves as the Chief of Ultrasound and Breast Imaging, where she has led the department into becoming one of the best anywhere. She got to where she is by gaining as much education as possible. Of course, it wasn’tclear at first that she even wanted a career in medicine, given that her education began when she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish from Tufts University’s Jackson College.

    To say that her career path was unconventional seems cliché, but every bit of it has been important and has helped to transform seems obvious, but it’s all important, since every bit of her education and career experience has worked to make her the doctor she is today. Of course, while medicine wasn’t a childhood dream, something must have struck her, because she soon graduated the Boston University School of Medicine as Dr. Gail Weingast, MD in 1976.

    Of course, her education was just beginning. She completed a series of internships, residencies and fellowships in pediatrics, radiology and ultrasound through 1983. Most of her education occurred in Colorado. When she began practicing, she also did so at hospitals in Colorado, and then one in New York before she ended up at her current position as a highly-regarded radiology specialist at William W. Backus Hospital in Norwich, Connecticut. She has now been there for more than 20 years and is currently the Chief of Ultrasound and Breast Imaging. With so much knowledge and experience, she has led her department to its current position as a premiere medical facility.

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